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ZI des Forges -Route de Foecy
FR - 18100 VIERZON
T +33 2 48 53 01 70
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Calibracier, membre du pôle Aérocentre

Calibracier est désormais membre du pôle d'excellence régional Aérocentre, association ayant pour vocation de pérenniser, développer et structurer l'industrie aéronautique en région Centre

Expert in High Precision

Committed to Calibracier’s absolute precision culture, our Teams offer their skills and their experience in the achievement of exceptional products & services.

Aiming for Excellence

Contact our Team to sketch your project out. Test our reactivity, our availability and our high level working!

Exceptional services

Thanks to an expert know-how and high level machinery, Calibracier performs high precision cold processing operations: Peeling, straightening with presses or straightening machines, centerless grinding, polishing…

A wide product range

For the most rigorous applications

Propeller shafts

Marine propulsion, whether civil or military, require a rigorous conception and a perfect execution.

Calibracier Taylor-manufacture propeller shafts according to your requested specifications.

We guarantee excellent straightness, perfect tensile strength and minimal vibrations.

As expert in special long shafts, Calibracier offers a wide range, up to 15 meters long, from unit pieces up to small or medium production.

Thanks to dedicated stocks and significant production capacities, Calibracier ensure the replacement of your propeller Shaft lines within exceptionally short lead time.

Your delivery is completely secured through the special care & attention that we bring to the product’s packaging.